at Essex Photo & Video we take pride in our work and you can be assured that any shoot that you do with us will receive the utmost attention and care.

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We offer Custom Photo
& Video Production Services as well
as paid shoot work in Tampa and surrounding areas and south Florida.

Creative Concepts and Flexible Shooting Schedules

Pay to Models ranges from $75.00 per hour to $125.00 per hour
         or flat rate per shoot - depending on type of shoots.

New to the business or experienced is OK

Currently booking bikini figure female models for:
* Swimwear - At the beach when weather permits :)
* Lingerie

* Male / Female Massage Instructional Videos
* Workout / Fitness Shoots
* Yoga and Stretching Exercise Positions
* Humorous Commentaries
* Fetish
* Artistic nudes
* Adult Erotic

Email us for our category shooting list or any questions that you may have


Alexandria Kingsbury                 Taylor R          

Mindi H.


For more information contact - Mark


Katy  K.                            Stacy C.

       Classy  -  Edgy  -  Creative  -  Risque     

                                            Landscape  / Nature  / Outdoors :                  

                 Caves & Mountains           Red Rock Mountain Range,  
Kanab, Utah                                 Las Vegas, NV .

Lingerie Themes :

Jill T.

Tanner M

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